jeudi 6 août 2009

The Office 2010 Synchronization Center | End User SharePoint

Conclusion and a Taste of Things to Come

With Office 2010, Microsoft has added the Office Synchronization Center as a method for dealing with uploading files to remote locations. This offers many potential benefits, such as continuing to work if you need to go offline, or not getting stuck waiting for communication if you are working with large files over a slow connection.
Yet this is not the only "offline story" for SharePoint that you will find in Office 2010. There are reasons Groove has been renamed SharePoint Workspace - but that’s another story.

Woody WindischmanAuthor: Woody Windischman
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Woody Windischman is a technology consultant with over 20 years of experience in a variety of roles, providing a unique perspective which allows him to see problems holistically.

Since getting acquainted with Microsoft IIS and FrontPage in the mid 90’s, Woody has been deeply involved in the community - first having been awarded as a Microsoft SharePoint MVP from October 2005 through September of 2007, and then spending a year working directly with the SharePoint product team.

The Office 2010 Synchronization Center | End User SharePoint

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