samedi 7 novembre 2009

Geneva Whitepapers

"Geneva" Claims Based Access Platform
"Geneva" helps simplify access to applications and other systems with an open and interoperable claims-based model.
For developers: "Geneva" helps simplify user access for developers by externalizing access logic from applications via claims, and reducing development effort with pre-built security logic and integrated .NET tools.
For IT professionals: "Geneva" helps IT efficiently deploy and manage new applications by reducing custom implementation work, consolidating access management in the hands of IT, helping establish a consistent security model, and facilitating seamless collaboration between organizations with automated federation tools.
For information workers and consumers: Users can benefit from help navigating logins, managing different personas, and controlling how personal information is shared.

  • "Geneva" includes built-in interoperability via open industry standards and claims, and implements the industry Identity Metasystem vision for open and interoperable identity.
  • "Geneva" includes three components for enabling claims-based access. Beta 1 of the following components are now available for public evaluation:
  • "Geneva" Framework for building .NET applications that use claims to make user access decisions
  • "Geneva" Server security token service (STS) for issuing and transforming claims, enabling federations, and managing user access
  • Windows CardSpace "Geneva" for helping users navigate access decisions and for developers to build customer authentication experiences for users

Available Here for Download
"Geneva" Datasheet - Updated for Beta 2
Whitepaper: "Geneva" Claims Based Access Platform
Learn about Microsoft's new "Geneva" claims based access platform. Read about the three main components of "Geneva" and how they work together to help solve application access problems with a single simplified access model. Understand how claims can be used across a wide variety of scenarios including enterprise, federation and Web. In this paper new concepts and terminology are introduced to help architects, developers and IT professionals understand the benefits and concepts behind the claims-based model of identity. A background in developing, deploying or managing web applications and services that entail user authentication is expected. By David Chappell
Whitepaper: "Geneva" Framework - Updated for Beta 2
Get started building claims-aware applications using Microsoft code-named "Geneva" Framework. In this paper concepts and terminology are introduced to help developers understand the benefits and concepts behind the claims-based model of identity. Security expertise is not required but familiarity with ASP.NET or WCF programming is. A background in building web applications or services that care about authentication and authorization is expected. As such, the focus of the paper is on building relying parties using the framework. By Keith Brown

Download details: Geneva Whitepapers

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