dimanche 11 octobre 2009

SharePoint 2010 - Bamboo Nation

 Mapping the Road to SharePoint 2010

On an as-yet unannounced date in 2010, Microsoft will officially release the fourth version of SharePoint.  Dubbed, appropriately enough, SharePoint 2010, the next version of SharePoint will be a major component of the Office 2010 release.  Here at Bamboo, we have developed and offered products for every version of SharePoint, dating back to SharePoint Team Services.  For those in whom "SharePoint Team Services" elicits  a reaction of curious puzzlement, you may wish to bone up on your SharePoint history by reading either Joel Oleson's 7 Years of SharePoint - a History Lesson, or the post, SharePoint History on Joining Dots.


SharePoint 2010 logo

But enough about SharePoint's past, for this area of Bamboo Nation is devoted to SharePoint's future.  As we excitedly await the public Beta of SharePoint Server 2010 which is speculated to occur around the SharePoint Conference 2009 to be held in Las Vegas in October, our current mission with this site is to sift through and collect the most relevant and valuable content amidst the growing deluge of SharePoint 2010-related information coming across the wire.  We invite you to join us in following "the road to SharePoint 2010" with our presentation of press coverage, as well as the best commentary from the blogging community.

SharePoint 2010 - Bamboo Nation

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