mercredi 25 août 2010

SharePoint 2010 Governance Planning


A Governance Plan describes how your SharePoint environment will be managed. It describes the roles, responsibilities, and rules that are applied to both the back end (hardware, farm, application, database configuration and maintenance) and the front end (information architecture, taxonomy, user experience). This white paper focuses on the “front end” of the SharePoint environment – the business aspect of governance - the areas that impact business users.


Contents 3

About this white paper 4

SharePoint Server 2010 Governance Considerations 5

Getting Started. 6

Keys to an Effective Governance Plan. 8

Vision statement 9

Roles and Responsibilities 10

Guiding Principles 12

Policies and Standards 17

Content Policies and Standards 17

Design Policies and Standards 20

Delivering the Governance Plan: Training and Communications 23

Conclusion. 24

About the Authors 25

Download details: SharePoint 2010 Governance Planning

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