mercredi 15 juillet 2009

John R. Durant's WebLog : Office 2010 Developer: What's New!


Office 2010 Developer: What's New!

Buckle in! This is a full-throttled post! If you’ve been following the press and the excitement around our partner conference (WPC) this week you have heard that we have opened up the treasure-house of information regarding Office 2010. I’m going to give you some information about what is new in terms of developer features. An entertaining and informative look at “the making of the release” can be found here.

I’ve been developing Office solutions for 12 years, so I’ve seen the full panorama of what has shipped over the years and how it plays out in the real world. What I can say with confidence is that this is the most extensible, developer-friendly version of the Office-branded set of products we have ever produced. What matters most is that you can build solutions that deliver real, quantifiable value to your users and your business…………. Read more on his blog :

John R. Durant's WebLog : Office 2010 Developer: What's New!

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