vendredi 17 juillet 2009

Microsoft Showcase: [BKS001] Backstage with Bill Veghte and Allison Watson at WPC

Following their July 13 keynote addresses, Watson and Veghte meet backstage to discuss the “single greatest monetization opportunity” Microsoft has offered partners in recent history—Windows 7. They talk how you can get ready for the RTM in terms of compatibility and in terms of developing your own applications to exploit the new capabilities.

Business Productivity Breakout Sessions

The following are only a small selection of the fifteen Business Productivity (BP) sessions available at WPC. These and other sessions details can be found on the Schedule Builder, where you can add sessions to your WPC schedule. To get the complete list, choose “Track” then “Business Productivity.”

The highly anticipated Microsoft Office 2010 boosts productivity by giving customers a familiar experience across the PC, phone and browser. For IT professionals, Office 2010 will offer more choice and flexibility in how they buy and manage their IT assets, helping them reduce costs. For developers, it will provide a platform for building innovative, connected Office-related applications with greater ease. To learn more, read the Microsoft PressPass announcement.

We invite you to join us at this year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference to hear more about the partner opportunities around the next version of Microsoft Office 2010. Watch the video above, in which Jigish Avalani, Senior Director of Information Worker Partner Loyalty, issues a personal invitation for you to come experience the Business Productivity Track at WPC09 and interact with Microsoft decision makers and peers.

Microsoft Showcase: [BKS001] Backstage with Bill Veghte and Allison Watson at WPC

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