vendredi 4 septembre 2009

Download details: Geneva Interop Whitepapers

"Geneva" and Sun OpenSSO
Interoperability between applications in heterogeneous technology environments is essential to successful collaboration between organizations today. Sun and Microsoft are taking interoperability to a new level by utilizing the SAML federation standard in both the Sun OpenSSO Enterprise federation solution and the forthcoming Microsoft “Geneva” Server federation solution.
By standardizing on SAML for federation, Sun and Microsoft enable organizations to deliver collaborative services with ease.
"Geneva" and Novell Access Manager
Despite remarkable gains in IT capabilities and collaboration, organizations continue to struggle with administrative complexity, workforce productivity, and data security. Many organizations support a large number of users—including employees, customers, partners, and suppliers—who seek access to a wide variety of applications and services. This can be particularly challenging in mixed-technology and multiple-domain environments where users are spread across technical and business boundaries.
Microsoft and Novell have come together to solve these challenges and boost cross-organizational collaboration. The two companies are building the interoperability bridges that enable customers to reduce complexity, enhance security, and decrease costs. This paper explains the need for standards-based identity federation, and the current and forthcoming solutions that improve the interoperability of mixed-technology directory environments.
Microsoft and CA
Access management solutions that introduce a middleware “layer of security abstraction” into the communication between applications, user repositories and authentication technologies enable organizations to improve administrative efficiency, better secure data and applications, and improve outreach to business partners and customers. This white paper reviews how solutions from CA (CA SiteMinder, CA Federation Manager) and Microsoft (Active Directory Federation Services (formerly code named “Geneva”)) provide this middleware software layer, while supporting standards-based communication protocols that enable cross-technology access management and identity federation scenarios. Specific interoperability-oriented use cases are discussed in detail.

Download details: Geneva Interop Whitepapers



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