mardi 15 septembre 2009

SharePoint First Contact With SharePoint 2010


A priori, une liste de pré-requis assez importante avant l’installation!

    • Rôle IIS

    • Framework ‘Geneva’ (Détails ci-dessous tiré du site Connect Microsoft)

      • The “Geneva” Framework is a framework for building identity-aware applications.  The framework abstracts the WS-Trust and WS-Federation protocols and presents to developers APIs for building security token services and identity providers. Applications can externalize the authentication logic to security token services and focus on application specific logics that are based on claims available in the security tokens. Applications can use the framework to process tokens issued from security token services and make identity-based decisions at the web application or web service.

    • Microsoft Sync Framework Runtime 1.0

    • Chart Controls pour le framework 3.5

    • Microsoft Filter PAck 14 (IFilter) MS-Filter Pack

    • Client SQL Serveur 2008

    • Les API OCS 2007 R2 et Unified Communications Speech 2.0

    • Speech Server Language Pack V6.0

  • Une partie du File System de MOSS 2010

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